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registro fácil
Easy to sign up and use
Carriers or Shippers will find it really easy to join the platform, free of charge. A very intuitive, easy-to-use mobile app allows you to locate the load and send documentation in real time.
un solo contrato
A single contract between the carrier and the shipper
Cabitruck is not party to any contract, agreement or contractual relationship of any kind signed by its platform users, nor does it have any control over the behaviour of registered App users. The sole parties to a contract are the Carrier and Shipper who agree to carry out the service.
seguimiento total
Complete tracking of the freight situation
The Carrier is aware of their load situation at all times. The Platform allows you to update freight shipping statuses, to alert people to any delays, and to locate your freight via the driver’s mobile app. Maximum communication and transparency throughout the process.
mejores condiciones
The best payment terms on the market
Complex algorithms developed exclusively for cabitruck secure the best prices for services requested by Shippers and offered by Carriers found in the loading area, and offer the best payment terms on the market.
cargas completas
Full loads
Cabitruck users can request and provide services, irrespective of the size of their freight requirements. We are currently unable to consider partial load routes.
cualquier distancia
Any distance across Europe
Service available for full loads across Europe. We provide users with a mobile app that connects Shippers and Carriers in Europe willing to transport freight within the European Union at the best price, based on the variables that affect the desired route.
inscripción gratuita
Free sign up
Users perform the services that they are interested in and receive or make payments in line with the service carried out and the price agreed between the two parties. For every journey, users can benefit from discounts, refunds or partial bonuses for expenses undertaken by carriers, as commission for the management assigned to Truck Trace SL.
baja cuando quieras
Unsubscribe at any time
You are free to unsubscribe at any time. No minimum contract period or obligation to continue using Truck Trace SL or to be part of the Cabitruck Platform.

For Carriers

  • Avoid empty miles.
  • 24-48-hour payment upon confirmation that the load has been delivered at the destination.
  • The company controls the process directly from the online platform.
  • The driver uses the app to receive order information and confirm progress.
  • Process automation and digitalization: CRM, billing, etc.

For Shippers

  • Quick management and load tracking.
  • Secure the route with the best transport at the best price.
  • Payment within 60 days of delivery confirmation, with no fees or charges.
  • Complete control of the process thanks to process automation and digitalization: CRM, billing, etc.